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False prophets should be arrested – Gabriel Ansah

An end time preacher, Rev Gabriel Ansah has said that laws should be enacted to arrest and prosecute pastors who give false prophecies for causing fear and panic.

Rev Gabriel said such false prophets usually cause their victims emotional, physical and even psychological pain and should be prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to others.

Rev Gabriel Ansah said some of these so called prophets’ sensationalism have caused divisions in families and put people who they have accused of being witches among others through unbearable torture so it is about time government enacts laws to deal with them.

He was speaking on Dwaso Nsem on Adom FM on Monday in reaction to the failure of a doomsday prediction that Saturday May 21 would be the end of the world.

According to 89-year-old Harold Camping, who owns the Family Radio broadcasts in the United States, he had emphatic evidence from the Bible that May 21 would be the day of the Rapture as well as Judgment Day.

Although he was not too certain about the time, he posited that the event would take place at 6PM in the various time zones in the form of a great earthquake after which the world will officially end on October 21, 2011.

Mr. Camping’s prophecy did not come to pass but he and his group of followers who spread their message through billboards and radio broadcasts across the world, caused a lot of anxiety and panic among people.

However there were those who did not believe him considering that he had made a similar prediction in 1994 that did not happen either. Rev Gabriel Ansah was one of such who on several platforms had made nonsense of Mr. Camping’s prophecy.

The preacher who is also the host of N’asem University on Adom FM told Dwaso Nsem host, Frimpong Manso Adakabre that he knew the prophecy was false because it is biblically incorrect.

He said there are signs that would signal the world coming to an end which have not come to pass including the fact that the Word of God would be preached in all corners of the world, believers would let go of their faith and most importantly the rise of the Antichrist so there was no way Mr. Camping could be correct.

He stated that he was so surprised people believed Mr. Camping and sold off their property or used their money to put up billboards echoing that false prophecy and cautioned Christians to be wary of such false prophets.

Rev. Ansah stated that this prediction is part of the many stories that the Scriptures say will be told by false prophets who will seek to deceive the world about when Christ would come.

He blamed pastors for contributing in making people believe false prophecies like that of Mr. Camping’s saying they have stopped preaching the Word of God and salvation and are only interested in prophesying falsely and selling items like soap, oil, handkerchiefs among others to unsuspecting victims.

He also rubbished latest prophecies by a Ghanaian pastor and another prediction on the Internet that the world will end in November 2011 and December 2012 respectively saying they are all false and people should not be misled.

Rev. Gabriel Ansah cautioned Christians to remind steadfast and vigilant in serving the Lord so that they are not overtaken by events because Jesus will surely come again although the time and date is not known.

Meanwhile, the evangelist at the centre of the May 21 hoax, Harold Camping, has not been seen or heard from since that day.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adom News/Ghana


May 23, 2011 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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