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Some people might have escape from accidents, death, or even sickness but can we escape from the power and destiny of God? Let’s examine some of the great attempts to escape from the Lord and the consequences.

Jacob   –Fled from his father-in-law, Laban after almost 20 years of service. The Effects- He allowed Jacob to return home for Isaac’s death and for reconciliation with Esau- Genesis 31:1-55.

Moses- Fled Egypt after killing an Egyptian in defence of a fellow Israelite. The effect: saved his life and began another part of God’s training.

Lesson: God fits even our mistakes into his plan. Exodus 2: 11-15

The Spies from Israel: Escaped searches in Jericho by hiding in Rahab house. Effects- Prepared the destruction of Jericho and preserved Rahab who would become one of David’s and Jesus ancestors.

Lesson: Gods plan weaves lives together in a pattern beyond our understanding. Joshua 2:1-24

Israelites: Escaped Egypt after 430 years in slavery. Lesson: God will not forget his provider. Exodus 2:11-15

Samson: escape a locked city by ripping the gates from their hinges. Lesson without dependence on God even great ability are wasted. Judges 16:1-3

Elijah: Fled into the wilderness out of the few of Queen Jezebel. Lesson: Even at the moments of real succession or personal weakness and our greatest challenges. I Kings 19:1-18

Peter:  Freed from prison by an angel. Saved peter for God’s further plans for his life. Lesson-God can use extraordinary means to carry out his plan often after we least expect it. Acts 12:1-11


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