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President John Evans Atta Mills has warned lackadaisical ministers to brace themselves for massive changes in his team next year as he seeks to retain power.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Gold, President Mills said the reshuffle is to get a winning team for 2012.

According to him, his government will not tolerate any apathetic attitude from any minister or appointee and would crack the whip to ensure that the NDC gets the nod for another four-year term.

Adom news desk now looks some of the ministers and government officials could be removed from government and why.
Already, the President has started flexing his muscles by relieving Benjamin Akyena Brantuo, one of government communication team members over the controversial payment of GHC58 million to Alfred Woyome.
The Education Minister Betty Mould-Iddrisu is one of the ministers who might be affected for two reasons; the education ministry has been in news over because of the computer placement fiasco. The minister herself was the Attorney-General who refused to put up a defense when Woyome went to court to demand for over GHC100 million from government. She also lost major cases when she was Attorney-General.
Health Minister, Mr Joseph Yieleh Chireh has been one of ‘busiest’ ministers; he decided to proceed on leave just when members of the Ghana Medical Association were embarking on a strike action that took this country by storm. President Mills then appointed Haruna Iddrissu to act on his behalf.
It will be a surprise to see the Deputy Minister of Interior, Kobby Acheampong still fighting the cause of ‘Better Ghana’ in 2012. The ‘no-nonsense’ minister once had a street fight with policemen for questioning him for over-speeding on the high way. He also had an open confrontation with a taxi driver.
Those were some of the ministers who, in our estimation, could face the axe in the next round of ministerial reshuffle.
But this is purely speculative.


December 24, 2011 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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