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You Cant Keep A Good Man Down!

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Have you ever fallen down? Maybe you were learning to ride a bike. Maybe you were running and stumbled. Maybe you were walking in the woods and tripped over a rock or a tree root. Depending on the situation you were in, it probably did not feel very good to you. It was probably unexpected. You may have even gotten some bumps and bruises from the impact of the fall. If others saw you fall, it may have even been quite embarrassing. It probably wasn’t something that you would tweet about or announce on Facebook. We have all experienced a fall of some magnitude in our lives. We have all been there. Chances are pretty good too, that in the very near future, we might experience another unexpected fall. It happens. It’s life. But we get back up again.

It also happens in our spiritual lives as well. We all make mistakes. Whether you are a Pastor, Sunday School teacher, usher, secretary, musician, mow the church lawn, balance the church’s bank account, clean the baptismal, or run sound, we all fall down. It doesn’t feel good, either. It’s usually an unexpected fall. Sometimes, others see us in this fallen state and it can be embarrassing. It’s not something we want everyone to know about. We have all been there, and chances are, if God tarries, we will fall again. It happens. It’s life. But, We have to get back up again.

The enemy would love for us to stay down and discouraged. The Devil loves to see God’s children down and discouraged. He loves to see us make mistakes. He cherishes the moments that we fall flat on our faces over traps he has laid in our paths. However, not only does he love to see us fall, his ultimate goal is for us to stay down. When we finally throw in the towel and give it all up. When it seems we have no more strength to fight anymore. When we are ready to stop preaching the Bible and its Truths. The Devil loves this season of our life. However, the Bible says;

“Rejoice not against me oh mine enemy, when I fall I shall arise..” (Micah 7:8)

Not “if” I fall, or maybe, or I might, but WHEN. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. But when it does happen, how are we going to respond?

Rev. David Kent has recently contributed 19 brand new messages to One of his latest messages is such a wonderful insight into this very subject. His message, entitled “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down,” addresses this very subject.

He writes about three different people’s perspectives at the cross. It was their darkest hour. One of them was Mary.

“Mary went to see Jesus while it was still dark. That’s when we need to seek Him as well. When you think about it, things could not have been any more discouraging for the disciples. They had followed Jesus for more than 3 years, seen the miracles, heard His teaching, but now He had been tried and crucified. He was dead and had been buried in a tomb. All their hopes and dreams had been dashed. It must have been a very dark time. But Mary went to seek Jesus while it was still so dark, before there was even a glimmer of light or the slightest ray of hope.”

It would have been easy for Mary to just give up. It would have been easy for the disciples to deny everything they had lived for and turn their backs on Jesus. After all, they saw Him crucified Him on a cross! But, they remembered a promise that He had made to them! And although He had been crucified, the Devil couldn’t keep this good man down!

In this message, there are 2,257 words. If you are in the “Fall” season of your life right now, you will want to read every one of these words from Rev. David Kent. They will transform your life and your way of thinking and help you to encourage others to get back up again!


May 2, 2012 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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  1. Powerful I live this message .God bless you

    Comment by Elikem | August 30, 2016 | Reply

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