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Things Landlords Can Do to Attract Tenants

A friend of mine was travelling outside the country to further his education so he decided to lease his apartment for rent till he returns. As the days closer and nearer no clients had showed up. At this time he was frustrated and disappointed for the zero results for his efforts.
Well, he is not the only one in the same situation. More than 55 per cent land lord complains about the lack of interest in their property.
In this era, Prospective tenants don’t just appear; you need to draw them in. There’s more to writing and marketing than counting off the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Appeal to renters by getting creative with deals and offers.
Here are some of the notable strategies to attract tenants.
1. Advertise Online.
Online marketing is one of the latest strategies to sell products with immediate response. If an organizations is not advertising online than the company is offline. An average Ghanaian can spend at least 2 hours online therefore its always advisable to use online services. You can easily advertise using the social media like Twitter, Facebook, +google etc.

2. Please NO AGENTS!
Sounds cliché but the one of the most sorts after commandment of tenants. Landlords who want there property off the market should ignore the agent. Tenants generally do not like the idea of agent in property acquisitions in Ghana. Landlord or property owners must therefore step up and deal directly with potential clients.
3. Offer free transportation
The morning commute is a drag, and expensive gas prices just make it worse. A great environmentally-friendly way to attract tenants – especially those without cars – is to have a free transport for them to get their items to the location.
4. Give 1 month’s rent for free.
When the Internet and other sources are just not cutting it for tenants, you can do your worst- give a month rent for free. Such a deal can help you fill your vacancy faster, and save you from paying utility and other costs on an empty unit for months on end. After all, who in their right mind would turn down such an offer?
5. Focus on Benefits NOT features.
So you think the features of the house are enough to attract a tenant. Sometimes tenants look further than features. On advertise read as “Freshly painted 5-bedroom, 1 ½ bath apartment on Beach Street, boys quarters, car park, air conditioned apartment with state of the arts fully furbished furniture available at an affordable price” – is all features. Instead, you want to focus on things like the spectacular view or the apartment’s easy access to award-winning schools or that it is steps a shopping mall, airport, tourist destination etc
If you plan to do all of this before you even buy the property you’ll find it is quicker and easier to not only fill your property at a great price – you’ll likely attract the type of tenant that will want to live in the property for a long time.

By: Samuel Mantey

Twitter: SamuelMantey


June 13, 2012 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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