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Why leaders kill young talents?


Babies are usually harmless, friendly and innocent but Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus, Pharaoh wanted to kill Baby Moses and Young Joseph brothers wanted to kill him because of his dreams.

The three stories show that great and successful men have the power to identify young people (even babies) who are going to be greater and powerful than them.

The BIG question is ‘why did the leaders plotted to kill this babies?’ The Answer: ‘Don’t wait for the plant to grow into a tree, kill it now!’ Many times leaders who are threatened by the success of young people feel jealous and want them out.

Baby Jesus was born in manger but when the news spread that a greater King has been born, King Herod immediately plotted to kill him. Pharaoh did the same with Baby Moses when he ordered the killing of all male child born in Egypt.

But the plot to kill them never materialized because men cannot change the plan of God. Jesus became the Messiah (He still is), Moses the leader of Israel who brought them out of Egypt and Joseph brothers bow them to him.

Maybe you have found yourself in similar circumstance when leaders do not appreciate your effort or also complain about you and report you; just remember the story of Baby Jesus, Moses and Joseph.

The best way to kill a talent is killing it during it in its infant stage. When that talent grows, it becomes difficult or merely impossible to kill it. That is why the Bible says we should seek the Lord in our youthful days.

Every person has one thing they do very well. To build a successful career, it’s important to know where your talents add value.

There are the four talent types:

  • Diamond talents – imagine new possibilities.
  • Club talents – champion new ideas.
  • Heart talents – encourage buy-in and commitment
  • Spade talents – make sure projects are completed.

Research indicates that each individual have at least on the above talents. But I say that if God is on your side you can all the above stated talents. Having all of them makes you a threat in the eyes of leaders who do not appreciate the love of God.

But do not fear men but trust in God if your boss or any other person tries to kill that God given talent!


By: Samuel Mantey


Twitter: Samuel Mantey





September 8, 2012 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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