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Christians must set the standard!

A preacher once said, “Some Christians grow. Others just swell.” Arrogance and pride are the result of knowledge that is misused. Knowledge can be a weapon of destruction or a tool of construction. It all depends on how it is used. We can know doctrine and never know God. We can grow in Bible knowledge but not grow in grace. We can attend church every time the doors are open but until we actually apply God’s truth to the way we live, something is lost in the way we translate the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I heard the story of four Bible scholars who were arguing over the best translation of the Bible. One said he preferred the King James Version because of its beautiful, eloquent old English. Another said he preferred the American Standard Bible for its literalism and accurate translation from the original text. A third man preferred the newer translations because of their practical application. The fourth scholar listened thoughtfully and then added, “Personally, I prefer my mother’s translation.” When the other men laughed, he explained, “My mother translates every page of the Bible into her daily life and it is the most convincing translation I have ever seen.”

As Christians our lifestyle should be a testimony of God’s presence in us. If unbelievers have tattooed, immoral, drunkards, arrogance, male ear rings and singing profane song and Believers are also following the same path them what is the difference?
The Bible calls us to separate our selves from the world. Beginning today, we should let our inactions and actions be that of God.


September 21, 2012 - Posted by | SETTING THE NEWS AGENDA

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