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Drivers of VIP buses are the most indisciplined – MTTU boss

The Assistant Inspector of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of Ghana Police Service, ASP Alexander Obeng says bus drivers are the most undisciplined roads users in the country.

ASP Obeng stated that recent accident cases recorded have revealed that drivers of buses, especially VIP buses, do not abide by road regulations thus causing avoidable accidents.

ASP Alexander Obeng made these revelations in an interview with Adakabre Frimpong Manso on Adom Fm’s Dwaso Nsem programme on Thursday.

He disclosed that about 895 deaths were recorded through motor accidents nationwide from January to May 31 this year. He said 5,023 vehicles were involved in the accidents.

ASP Alexander Obeng said out of the 5,023 accident cases recorded within the period, 895 of them were fatal, 797 were serious and 1,792 were minor cases, 778 pedestrians were knocked down while 5,185 persons received injuries.

He explained that most causes of motor accidents included speeding, talking on phone while driving and fatigue.

He added that the accidents were caused by speeding, drunk-driving, overloading of vehicles and wrongful overtaking among other factors, and promised that the police would strictly enforce road and traffic regulations to make roads safe.

According to him, road safety had become public health and development issues, which must concern policy makers if Ghana was to attain a single digit fatality target by 2015.

In a related development, Member of Parliament for Asante Mampong, Mr. Francis Addai-Nimo has stated that the country annually loses about GHC 1 billion through motor accidents.

He expressed the fear that if motorists continue to exhibit poor driving regulations the nation will have to channel virtually its financial commitments to the road sector, making the government lose concentration on other important sectors.

Mr. Francis Addai-Nimo urged the Ministry of Roads and Highways to increase the practice of routine maintenance on deplorable roads especially during the rainy season.

He also charges on the National Road Safety Commission to re-educate motorists on the basic safety measures on the road to prevent the high number of road accident cases.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Road and Transport, Kofi Boapong  has described the recent high number of accident cases as disturbing for a third world country like Ghana.

Mr. Boampong who also spoke on Dwaso Nsem, said contractors lack financial assistance to enable them smoothly execute their contracts. Kofi Boapong admits that there is the need for authorities of the national road safety should re-educate motorist and consistently remind them of the regulations on the road.

He called on the Media to complement efforts of the National Road Safety Commission in educating prospective road users at lorry stations, on the highways and at accident prone areas in the country.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adomonline/Ghana


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As the countdown to the Presidential Primaries of the National Democratic Congress get hotter and keener, the Ashanti Regional General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Joseph Yamin says the campaign towards July has become dirtier; this he said has created unnecessary divisions in the Party.

He stated that some of the campaign members are intimidating, insulting and attacking personalities in the party just to win the slot.

According to him, the NDC has been divided into three lines just because of selfish and personal favours and interests of some people to the disadvantage of the party.

Mr. Yamin caution that that the result of the power struggle will lead to the party losing power to the NPP if the delegates and leaders of the party do not stop the intimidation and insults just to win favours from delegates.

The Ashanti Regional Secretary speaking to Adakabre Frimpong Manso on Dwaso Nsem today, he stressed that the same thing happened in the party in 2000 when some of the members of the NDC left the party to form and join other parties.

He reiterated that there are people in the NDC who have not sacrifice enough for the party but yet they holding ministerial appointment and serving on numerous boards.

Some of the great people in the party who have sacrifice their lives, resources and time for the party have not been appreciated all because of the division and selfish gains in the party, he added.

He noted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) lost power similarly in 2008 because of the power struggling among the Flagbearer Nana Akuffo- Addo and Mr. Alan John Kyeremanteng.

Commenting on who he supports ahead of the congress, Mr. Joseph Yamin said until the General Secretary Asiedu-Nketia declared his supports he will not come out to declare his stand.

The Managing Editor of Al Hajj newspaper, Alhaji Bature said the tension in the party is not out of the ordinary but a normal occurrence that can happen in every party especially when members compete for position.

However, Alhaji Bature said members should be more careful with their utterances because it can lead to the downfall of the party.

Speaking on his expectation in the July, he said there will be no surprises at the congress since he claim the election is a one way traffic.

Alhaji Bature stated that for him, it’s about how much percent the candidate will win but not who will win.

He condemned the various insults by some section of the campaign members channel to tarnish the reputation of the President describing those efforts as expression of disrespect to the Presidency.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adom News/Ghana

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Health minister blames cholera deaths on heavy rains

The Minister of Health, Joseph Yieleh Chiereh has blamed the recent cholera outbreak which has claimed 61 lives, on recent heavy downpours in the country.

Mr. Yieleh Chiereh told Adom News that the heavy rains have led to flooding which have contaminated many water bodies thereby spreading the disease especially in Accra.

The health minister also blamed the bad practice of dumping liquid human waste in water bodies saying it contributed to the spread of the epidemic.

The Minister was speaking in reaction to the increase in cholera cases which has recorded 61 deaths since January with 6,000 others hospitalized nationwide.

Mr. Yieleh Chireh said the Interior Ministry in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organisation is tracking the cholera endemic areas in the country to provide the needed health support.

These challenges notwithstanding, the ministry is working with other organizations to intensify public education, he added.

He stressed that government has been working hard to provide health care to those affected by the outbreak.

He revealed plans to tour some of the affected communities to have firsthand information on the situation.

He said his outfit will embark on a comprehensive education and media outreach programme to educate people on the incidence of cholera, the mode of transmission and its prevention.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adom News

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The Patron of the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Dr Obed Yao Asamoah has denied The Chronicle newspaper’s  publication that he has return to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) saying the story is ‘Foolish, Bogus, Nonsense and has no bases’

Dr. Obed Asamoah also denied that he had any kind of deliberations with President Mills on a possible return to the Party in a recent funeral at Tamale.

The Chronicle on Monday reported that Obed Asamoah has return to the NDC after deliberations with them.  The story continues that the DFP is asking for conditions before aligning with the NDC. Conditions such as the perceive violence hanging around the Party which resulted in a spilt.

The newspaper also hinted that even though the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which the DFP supported during the last general elections has plans to meet the NDC for a possible alliance on the basis of ideology, principles and core values that they shared.

However, speaking with Adakabre Frimpong Manso on ‘Dwaso Sem’, the Deputy General Secretary of the DFP John Ameka, also denied that the leadership of DFP has ever had talks with NDC on a possible reconciliation.

He stress that the DFP has never thought of aligning with the NDC and would never think about doing that.

John Ameka stressed that the DFP is now gaining weight and will give the two popular parties a run for their money in the next elections.

‘We are good contenders why should we have to align with a violent party like the NDC’ he added.

According to him, there is no scheduled meeting with the NPP next week as reported in the publication.

John Ameka stress that he has been trying on the contact the Editor, Ebo Quansah on the publication but has proven futile.

Story: Samuel Mantey/Adom news

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Three Ghanaians caught in the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, have been rescued by the Japanese Police nine (9) days after the incident.

According to reports the three Ghanaians got missing when the 9.0 magnitude mega-thrust earthquake hit the coast of Japan on Friday 11 March 2011.

Japanese Government Data indicates that there are about 1,950 Ghanaians in Japan, especially in Tokyo, it is yet to be confirmed how many Ghanaians died or were affected in the historic disaster.

Officials of the Ghanaian Embassy in Japan have advised Ghanaians in Tokyo to either move northwards or fly out of Japan for their own safety.

Meanwhile, the Japanese National Police Agency has officially confirmed 8,277 deaths, 2,619 injured and 12,722 people missing across eighteen prefectures, and over 100,000 buildings damaged or destroyed.


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