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The Chief Executive Officer of Multi-Concept limited, Mr. Teodoro Martinez Montero, Real Estate Company says government effort to reduce the housing deficit will be a mirage if it fails to provide loans with low interest for individuals to purchase a home.
The 79 year old Spanish citizen who has over 54 years of experience on field construction development stressed that providing essential subsidies for public and private individuals housing needs would help them to provide their own homes.
Mr. Teodoro Martinez Montero tells Property Express that there are no affordable houses in the country. He explained that the term ‘affordable housing’ depends on the location, production and finishing of the house.
Mr. Montero introduced the concept of private sector estate development in the 1970s to compliment government housing estates with the launching of the REDCO concept in joint venture with Bank for Housing and Construction.
According to him, Multi-Concept Limited (MCL) has been established to construct residential communities with built-in social amenities such as commercial, recreational, educational, clinic / health and essential security services including the provision of regulated and substantially free maintenance of environmental and common facilities associated with the residential units.
Currently, Multi-Concept limited is working on the “Legonman Multi-Concept Courts” Estate Project, which comprises 6 Courts is situated at approximately 0.5km from the Northern boundary of the land of University of Ghana, Legon, Accra.
With each block having a standby generator, lift, continuous independent water supply system, and centralized sanitation management, the prices for the initial 120 two-bedroom apartments are in the range of $60,000.00 and $75,000.00.
Mr. Teodoro Martinez Montero said company’s housing developments are targeted at middle to upper middle and higher end priced apartments and a few exclusively deluxe bungalows.
He disclosed that the “Legonman Multi-Concept Courts” Estate Project will be completed by September this year.
Touching on the challenges in the Real Estate Industry, the Madridista cited land litigation and improper documentation as the major challenges that drive potential developers off the industry.
Mr. Teodoro Martinez Montero advised Ghanaians to start saving now to own a house in the long term. He said if they continue to look up to the government they might feel disappointed therefore they should start saving for tomorrow.
Mr. Montero has owned and managed several companies in Spain and Ghana. Starting as an assistant manager in his father´s metallurgical factory in Spain, he later served as the Managing Director of EDISOL Sl, the Chief Executive Officer of OBRATECSA (Spain), and the Managing Director of TECNICAS DE MULTICONSTRUCCION, SA in Spain. He also established and managed in Ghana a pineapple plantation, the Coin Farms since 1981. The Coin Farm was renamed Horizon Farms and expanded; it got the Ghana National Farmers Award in 2001. He has also been the CEO of Coordination and Development on Engineering & Architectural Projects in Ghana since 1992.

Story: Samuel Mantey, Property Express
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Edlorm Housing (GH.) Limited established in June 1993 as a Building Construction and Civil Engineering Company is now one of Ghanas biggest Real Estate Developers.

Apart from the long lasting quest of the directors to be in the building industry, the company was set up to help solve the Constructional needs in Ghana, and also to create jobs for some of the many unemployed in the country The company since its inception 15 years ago has worked with some notable institutions such as: the Internal Revenue Service, the Ministry of Education, Electricity Company of Ghana, Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Ghana Water Company Limited building and renovating many of their offices and bungalows.

The Sales Executive of Edlorm Housing (GH) Richard Kweku Adu tells Property Express that the challenges have been with the procurement of funds and loans to commence projects. Being careful not to be over reliant on Government projects, Edlorm Housing took the initiative to obtain projects from the Private sector, whiles reaching out to Ghanaians living abroad to meet their housing needs back home as well. For this category, they pre-finance their building projects. According to him, if the financial institutions promptly support the real estate with enough funds then with anticipation the housing deficit of about 1.8 million can be reduced. Commenting on other challenges in the thriving Real Estate Industry, Mr. Richard Kweku Adu stated that land litigation and documentation hinders the process of work for developers.

Due to expansion to other towns and villages across the length and breath of the country, installing electricity and water has been a problem to them, Mr. Adu lamented. He advised the youth to save to buy a house if they can rather than renting an apartment which might be expansive in the long term. Adding that owing a home is like a treasure. With the decision to go into real estate development, Elorm Housing has started by putting up executive buildings both in Weija and in East Legon Accra. Overlooking the Exotic Presidential Lodge at Peduasi, Edlorm Villas is a gated community with over 300 houses located at Amranhia, about 8 minutes drive from the Adenta.

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Relax all year round in a home that embraces nature. A home that keeps you cool in dry season, warm in wet season and everything you want in between.
A home that blends indoor and outdoor living, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A home that appreciate the natural environment in an enclosed cave. And best of all, a home that’s built on answers, not questions.
At African Housing in Ayi-Mensah in the Eastern Region, Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere said they have combined eco-friendly and architectural designs to create the ‘green’ home.
Situated just across the Peduase Lounge, Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere says although new technologies are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures; the common objective is that green buildings appreciate the use of environment for human health.
He told Property Express that if human fails to appreciate natural phenomenon in providing shelter, very soon prosperity will judge us.
Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere who have been in business for more than 20 years lamented that though Ghanaians spent more time outside their homes, they pay more attention to interior designs while ignoring the environment they live.
He express his displeasure in the continuous use of land reserved as green belts been develop for housing and other infrastructure.
Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere whose properties include more than 20 housing clusters on the mountain recommended that eco-housing reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation.
According to him, the housing clusters do not include gutters since the rains steep flows on the mountains and with the use of eco-system, constructing gutters will not be necessary.
Asked how waste is degenerated, the reserved estate developer said all waste goes back to the ground and recycled.
He told Property Express, that prospective home owners usually develop their dream home plan and they build the houses for them using their eco-friendly materials.
Already, the African Housing in Ayi-Mensah can boost of botanical gardens and eco-friendly security.
Commenting on the challenges in the Real Estate Industry, Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere pointed out that government should leave the construction of facilities in the hands of the individuals.
He said if government continuous involving in construction, the country will see less development because government might not be able to complete project and the next government may refuse to fund the project.
Mr. Kofi Asante-Okyere lamented government use of foreign Estate Developers at the expense of the locally capable ones in the country. He said Ghanaians are the only people that can build the country because they know the problems best.
Story: Samuel Mantey, Property Express
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The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says their National Delegates Congress slated on May 12 is not too late ahead of the December presidential and parliamentary polls.
The Deputy Communication Director of the CPP, Ernest Yeboah stated that the delay is part of their strategies to win in the December elections.
Citing the US as an example, Ernest Yeboah noted that the Republicans have not elected a candidate to compete with Democrats Barack Obama in their November elections, therefore the CPP congress is not long over due, he added.
According to him, the CPP have the best candidates vying to be elected as the next President in 2013.
Ernest Yeboah expressed his confidence in the CPP chances in the elections, explaining that the though some of their members have cross carpet to other political parties, the CPP still holds the radar as the next party to win in the elections.
He emphasized that Ghanaians are tired and exhausted with the ‘games and insults’ exhibited by the NDC and the NPP.
Commenting on the May 12 congress, he said 11 delegates each from the 230 constituencies would attend the congress.
Two candidates, Mr. Bright Akwetey and Dr Abu Sakara Foster, are contesting for the flagbearership slot.
Story: Samuel Mantey

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This Road Leads to No where!

It doesn’t matter how good and tarred a road is, if it doesn’t lead to a good destination, you will surely get lost at the end. Proverbs 16: 25 say ‘There is a way that seems right unto a man, but in the end it leads to death.
Over the few days, I have been reading about the story of David ‘the psalmist’. As a shepherd, God had anointed him to be the next of Israel. He was made the King at the age of 30 and ruled Israel for 40 years.
God loved David very much because of his faithfulness and trust in him. Indeed, Jesus Christ was from the line of David. This depicts the relationship God had with King David.
Though David had favor and grace from God, he made one mistake which changed his life, his family and the future.
Relationship with Bathsheba
David’s adultery with Bathsheba was a sin of passion, a sin of the moment that overtook him, but his sin of having Uriah killed was a premeditated crime that was deliberate and disgraceful.
Their story is told in 2 Samuel 11 and 12, set against the backdrop of David’s war against the Ammonites. For no reason David was not at the battlefield with the army. King David was relaxing on a palace above the city when he spied a beautiful woman taking a bath. Through his messengers, David learned that she was Bathsheba, wife of Uriah the Hittite, who had gone to battle for David.
‘The Devil finds work for the idea hands’. If David had been at the battlefield he probably would have escape the temptations of Bathsheba.
Bathsheba could not have rejected King David’s offer to have sexual intercourse with her. After all, David was the King and as such refusal to obey his orders can spell doom for her.
Sometimes we need to stay foot for Christ instructions rather than directions from men. If Bathsheba had rejected David, she would have save David and his household as well as saving her marriage. Instead, she went to David of her own free will, and thus bears some responsibility for what happened afterward.
But David cannot be ignorant of his actions because he found out that;
1. Bathsheba was a married woman
2. Bathsheba’s husband Uriah the Hittite, had gone to battle for him.

Nonetheless, David and Bathsheba engaged in sexual intercourse, and she returned home. But Bathsheba was cleaning herself after her menstrual period when she had an affair with David. The biblical text stated that Bathsheba was pregnant for David. King David had tried to cover up his affair by arranging Uriah to sleep with his wife on two occasions but did not work. With his instructions, David had Uriah killed at battlefield to save him from disgrace.
Most times we try to cover up sin with sin. David had committed adultery (sin), he then arrange for Uriah to be killed in the battlefield (murder) to save his reputation. We should be careful with our decisions we take because they can make and unmake us.
A year later, God instructed Prophet Nathan to reveal David secret act of adultery and murder. God always give us the room to repent and seek his grace. Interestingly, David had not noticed God was angry with him. He had disobeyed two of the Ten Commandment-: Thou shall not commit adultery and Thou Shall Kill.
Proverbs 6: 32 says But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacked understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.
King David admitting his actions and regretting his decision prayed for God’s forgiveness. When we admit our flaws and weakness, God is ready to strengthen us. But though God forgave David his sins, David was to face the consequences. We should never forget that we reap what we sow therefore, we are accountable to the consequences of our actions.

The punishment
Though King David had committed adultery and murder in secret, his punishments was in the open. Just as we receive the blessing of God in the open, in the same way we get the punishment for rejecting his commandments in the open.
David doesn’t get away with it as far as keeping his dirty little secret. He certainly can’t keep it a secret from God. And God won’t let David get away with it either. Even God’s chosen one, King David, had spiritual weaknesses.
The Lord raised evil against David’s own house, and told him that his children will sleep with his wives before his eyes, and would give them to his neighbours, and they shall lie with his wives in the sight of this sun. Arguable this is a toughest punishment God has directed to David.
The sword did not depart from the king’s household, and his wives were taken and violated just as he had taken Bathsheba. Indeed, David did pay four-fold, for Bathsheba’s baby died, and his sons Amnon, Absalom, and Adonijah were slain. David’s beautiful daughter Tamar was raped by her half brother, and David’s concubines were humiliated publicly by Absalom when he captured the kingdom. Because of Absalom’s rebellion, David was forced to flee Jerusalem and live in the wilderness.
For the rest of David’s lifetime, he experienced one tragedy after another, either in his family or in the kingdom. What a price he paid for those few minutes of passion with his neighbor’s wife!

Do not be deceived. Though we don’t face a death penalty like times of old, we DO experience consequences for adultery and fornication. Any action that leaves God out risk ending badly.

By: Samuel Mantey
Twitter: SamuelMantey

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